Oslo is one of the hottest capitals in Europe at the moment. Fine, we might be a bit biased, being an Oslo based brand and everything but the point still stands. Oslo is in fact, the fastest growing capital in Europe at the moment. Take that, Berlin! 


08:00 So you’re stranded in Oslo for 24 hours, what do you do? Well, lets start off with getting you caffeinated. Oslo has an amazing range of espresso bars and cozy coffee shops, many of which serve up the best coffee on the planet. Tim Wendelboe, or the new kid on the block, Supreme Roastworks are good places to get your daily fix, and both located at Grünerløkka. Don’t let the tattoos and beards intimidate you, behind their mean façade is a coffee-loving geek. 


Tim Wendelboe

10:00 So you’re practically shaking and need to get rid of some energy – grab a city bike and start pedaling. The Opera house designed by Snøhetta is the new face of Oslo, but we think the modernist architecture at the new Oslo skyline “Barcode” is just as interesting. 


Image Collage

13:00 Getting hungry? Stop by Smalhans – a great casual place serving up an eclectic mix of food, Norwegian or thai, whatever they feel like making that day. Take this chance to enjoy the view over the city from St Hanshaugen.


Image Collage

17:00 Just realizing you’re wearing your last pair of clean clothes, this is the perfect opportunity for some shopping. F5 concept store is a landmark for Norwegian fashion, carrying only Norwegian and Scandinavian brands. 


F5 Concept Store

20:00 Getting tired! No one said it was easy being a tourist. Swing by Torggata Botaniske, a magical cocktail bar with more plants than people, and some seriously kickin’ cocktails. Take a moment, relax, unwind, smell the tropical roses. The night is still young. 


Torggata Botaniske

22:00 Norwegians are getting tipsy. This is a good thing, as they are now approachable and willing to speak to strangers. Retrace your steps back to Grünerløkka and follow the steady stream of inebriated Scandinavians to Blå for a night you won’t forget anytime soon.


And remember – don’t miss your flight.