The new Swiss Made BERSERK | MESH is a series of unique timepieces for the design-oriented. Inspired by the complexity of minimalism, we bring an upgrade to the BERSERK series through our dedication to quality and craft. 

Calle Huth



The BERSERK | MESH series comes with an ultralight Milanese stainless steel mesh strap adding a modern touch to our classic BERSERK watch. The Milanese mesh bracelet is made from fine-knit metal straps and its unique and detailed production process makes it a steel bracelet of remarkable strength. 


 BERSERK | MESH inspiration

BERSERK | MESH inspoInfluenced by the power of pure geometries and abstract representations, producing a minimalistic timepiece is all about the quality of crafted details and bold components. 


A high quality Swiss Made timepiece featuring a Swiss Rhonda 6004.D movement and scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass makes BERSERK | MESH a timepiece of pristine design and exclusive features.