Sophie Lefever (aka Missss S) has a lot going for her. Being a creative individual, she loves to keep a busy schedule doing modeling and pursuing her interest in music. We talked to Sophie about her lifestyle and where she finds inspiration and space to unwind from her busy life.



First tell us about yourself and what do you do?
 My name is Sophie Lefever but I go by the name Missss S. I am a creative individual who likes to put my vision into practice. I model through an agency named Idol Looks and I am also an artist and songwriter. I was born in Ghana and raised in Oslo.


What did spark your interest in music?
 I have always been interested in instruments since a young age. I have practiced the flute and the saxophone when I was younger. A lot of my music revolves around love. The feelings of joy, sadness, heartbreak, euphoria are feelings that I express through my music.

How do you spend your time at the moment? (work, music, etc)
I love to have a busy schedule so at the moment I am working with my model agency. I am progressing in my music career and having concerts. I just had my first concert at a schoo) so I am very for what the future holds. I am also acting and I enjoy spending a lot of time with my friends and family. I also enjoy working on the visuals of my music and I also enjoy the process of editing.




Where do you search for inspiration?
 I have been lucky enough to have my grandparents teaching me and making me listen to the classics of the music industry. A lot of my inspiration also comes from the Golden Age of Hollywood, the 90s and the early 2000s. I actually drew inspiration from my single “han liker å feste” which is available on Spotify from the Golden Age of Hollwood.

Having attended the French School in Oslo, I have a very multicultural background which is also reinforced by the fact that I am constantly surrounded by people from different cultures. My mom is Ghanaian and my dad is from Belgium which means that I grew up listening to a whole lot of variety of music such as Bon Jovi rock to reggae, dancehall, traditional Ghanaian music as well as West African gospels.

My moods also inspire me. When I feel happy, I like to express them. I am very sensitive to what I visually see.

What’s your favorite place to hang out in Oslo ?
One of my favorite spots to hang out in Oslo is a park next to my old school, that my friends and I refer to as “le Petit Parc”- Since we were in college, my friends and I used to hang out there. I also enjoy spending time at Café Sør as they have nights dedicated to open mic where I can express myself.

I also like hanging out in the t-bane. As a person, my mind can be all over the place. Taking the t-bane which is constantly moving forward, makes me feel like I am on an adventure and somehow it tends to relax me. Seeing different people walk back and forth, people sitting impatiently waiting for their stop to get off also makes my mind wonder and reminisce.


What is more important to you-the present or the future-and why?
 The present is more important to me. I am very nostalgic and I tend to reminisce of the past a lot. Both good and bad memories. I wake up every morning excited with a new emotion that triggers how I want to spend my day. So even I plan for the future in a detailed way, they would be a lot of disappointments in my plans.