Get an exclusive insight into the legacy of a 140 year old company - the prestigious Tärnsjö Tannery.

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 In our strive for perfection we have partnered with Tärnsjö Garveri (english: Tärnsjö Tannery) in Sweden. Located by the idyllic Tärnsjö Lake in Uppsala, Tärnsjö Garveri produces the highest quality premium vegetable tanned leather available in the market. Since inception in 1873, Tärnsjö Garveri has developed a unique craftmanship and knowledge of leather which is unmatched in the industry.

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Tärnsjö Garveri is among the 5% of tanning houses worldwide that still employ the tradition of vegetable tanning in favor of the more time and cost-efficient chrome excel method. Vegetable tanning means that you use bark extracts from nature instead of metal. In addition to being kind to Mother Nature this process makes a leather that ages beautifully.

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The tannery employs 50 remarkable individuals with unsurpassed experience in the art of vegetable tanning and saddlery. On an annual basis they produce 900,000 square feet of the world’s finest vegetable tanned leather using hides from local Swedish farms. Their work produces an aesthetic that sets the standard for high quality leather all around the globe.


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 Tarnsjo’s vision is that through their inheritance of craftsmanship and the use of natural raw materials to produce a premium product with the least environmental impact possible.  This is a vision we share, and are proud to be working with Tärnsjö Tannery. Read more about the Tannery on their website.